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Sistema de asistencia de tiempo biométrico Detección de cara del dispositivo SDK API y máquina de asistencia de grabación de tiempo de huella digital

The SDK API Device Face Detection and Fingerprint Time Recording Attendance Machine is equipped with both facial recognition and fingerprint scanning capabilities, making it easy to identify employees or other individuals who need to track their time and attendance. The machine is highly efficient, with the ability to quickly and continuously identify faces without any risk of malfunction or breakdown.


Hora de huellas digitales biométrica grabación de asistencia inteligente Dispositivo de reconocimiento de empleados Máquina electrónica

Our Biometric Fingerprint Time Recording system supports a wide range of languages, including English, Spanish, Korean, Turkish, Indonesian, Thai, Persian, Arabic, French, German, Portuguese, Chinese Traditional, and Simplified Chinese. By default, we provide the product with an English version, but if you need a different language, just leave us a message or contact us. The system has a simple structure, making it easy to install and use.


Asistencia biométrica de huella digital asistencia tiempo de reloj de tiempo independiente grabadora de huellas digitales de huellas digitales

The Biometric Fingerprint Time Attendance Standalone Time Clock Machine is a dependable, precise, and effective way to keep track of employee attendance. This machine saves organizations time and money by ensuring that employees are paid accurately for their work hours. Dongguan Xingyi Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. can accommodate a large number of attendance machines to meet your needs.


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