Mechón de vidrio

Mechón de vidrio


Lock de huellas digitales inteligente de la cara 3D

Material de apariencia: Aleación de zinc Capacidad de huellas digitales: 100 grupos Contraseña + Tarjeta: 1000 conjuntos Número de consultas de registro: 10,000 grupos Métodos de desbloqueo: cara, huella digital, tarjeta IC, contraseña, applet de Bluetooth y espesor de la puerta de vidrio mecánico: 8-12 mm Color: Negro


ESEYE WiFi Control remoto Tuya Aplicación Biométrica Huella digital Digital Smart Glass Lock for Office

Looking for a versatile smart lock that can fit a variety of doors? Check out the Eseye WiFi Remote Control Tuya Biometric Fingerprint Digital Smart Glass Door Lock! It’s perfect for framed aluminum doors, glass doors, sliding doors, and even wooden doors with a thickness of 8-12mm. Plus, the digital touch keypad panel with a backlight makes it easy to use at night.


Control de acceso de tarjeta RFID biométrica electrónica Reconocimiento 3D Face Lock Smart Glass Lock

The Rfid Card Access Control 3D Face Recognition Smart Glass Door Lock is seriously impressive! It can recognize your fingerprint in just half a second, and the touchscreen number lock is super smart and easy to use. And if your hands are full, no problem - just use the RFID card to unlock the door with lightning-fast efficiency and accuracy. Plus, it can store up to 100 fingerprints, so you can grant access to all your trusted friends and family.


Lock de la puerta de vidrio inteligente antirrobo de la cara de la cara

The Electronic Biometric Smart Glass Door Lock is seriously impressive - it’s got an infrared sensor camera that works great even in low light conditions. And with its built-in rechargeable lithium battery, you can go for days without having to charge it up. Plus, the doorbell is designed to welcome visitors and remind you to unlock the door quickly and efficiently.


Código de tarjeta RFID sin marco biométrico Digital Smart Sliding Sliding Glass Lock de puerta de vidrio

The Glass Door Lock is seriously durable - it’s crafted from a high-quality zinc alloy that’s resistant to wear and corrosion. And with its 1.77-inch LCD screen display, you can easily see what you’re doing, even in low light conditions. And for added convenience, the lock comes with 10m remote controllers, so you can easily open the door without having to fumble with keys or codes.


Tarjeta de bloqueo de puertas corredizas de vidrio de huella digital eléctrica de huella digital

Our Card Intelligent Keyless Door Lock features lightning-fast fingerprint recognition in just 0.3 seconds, with a false accept rate of less than 0.0001%. You can trust that the lock won’t make any mistakes and allow unfamiliar people to enter. Despite its small size, this lock is packed with advanced technology - making it a must-have for any home or business.


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